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LED Shove Light

Makes Your Shoves Safer

Bright Flashing LED

High Pitched Audible Alarm (93db)

Vibration Activated

2.8 LBS

Magnetic Blue Flag Signs

100% Reflective Lettering

Attach Lights w/ Pre Drilled Holes

Powder Coated Brackets (Included)

90 LB Pull Magnets (Included)

Will Not Freeze or Crack

Portable Blue Flag Signs

Clamps Directly To Rail

Powder Coated Steel Construction

Lightweight For Ease Of Use

High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Sign

Many Styles Available

Railroad Safety Blue Flag
Railroad Magnetic Blue Flag
Railroad LED Shove Light
LED Bullet Light

Polycarbonate w/ Molded Switch

50 Lb Pull Magnet (included)

Strap (included)

120 Hour Run Time 

Beam Visable Up To 1 Mile

Railway Safety Products

Railroad LED Blue Flag Bullet Light