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Locomotive Horn Covers

Acoustically Transparent

FRA Compliant

Repels Ice / Snow

Shatterproof in Freezing Temps

Heat Resistant to 450 Degrees 

Locomotive Horn Covers
LED Step Lights

Easy Retrofit Replacement

Great for Walkway and Compartment

​Operates on 20-100 Volts DC

Anti-Theft DC Only

Draws only 6 Watts​

LED Number board Lights

Available in Screw and Bayonet Base

Draws Only 3 Watts

50,000 Hour Lifespan

270 Lumens

Linear Circuit (No EMI)

Railway Safety Products

Blue Flags and Signs

LED Safety Lights

Shove Lights

Gloves, Safety Glasses and More

Railroad Blue Flag
Locomotive LED Numberboard Light
Locomotive LED Step Walkway Compartment Light
Locomotive LED Headlight

Drop In Replacement

Draws Only 51 Watts

Meets FRA Requirements

High, Medium and Dim Settings

Works in Headlight and Ditchlight

Locomotive LED lights & Railroad Safety Gear

PAR 56 Locomotive LED Headlight Ditchlight